Already Designed For You! Grab & Publish Easy as 1-2-3

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How It Works

How it Works!

These are
already done for you book files that you can customize and publish as your own
to Amazon. Each design is one buyer only. This is not a physical product. You
will receive links to the file for each design and you can customize, upload,
publish and print with KDP (Amazon).

How It Works:

1.Purchase a Designed4u
product that you like. Your purchase includes the customizable files and
instructions for publishing. You will receive a  PDF instruction and download file after
purchase and this PDF includes the links to your files and instructions.

2. Customize
your product. Most products require that you add your name to the cover, a
message for your inside page and bio (optional). You may add more customization
if you need...but we have done most of the work for you!

3. Publish as
your own. Each product gives you publishing rights and the publishing platforms
that you can used will be indicated in the product description. Using our
step-by-step instructions you can upload and publish your book as your own to
KDP (Amazon), The Book Patch, LULU, or your website.

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